Ways To Help

When children are being bullied, whether it’s online or face to face, they can find it very difficult to talk about it. Talking to children about bullying is important, even though it can be an upsetting, awkward and difficult subject. However break the silence – ask them how the bullying made them feel, how their coping.

Empower them! Remind them that there was nothing he or she did to deserve being bullied, and they are not alone in being bullied. You probably can’t fix the situation – but you can be there as a support pillar, an empathetic ear for that child, even if its only for five minutes. Help them not feel so alone, so powerless, so out of control, their now part of something big, the MC community.

What Not to Say

Bullying is a sensitive issue and many people have problems putting the right words together to help a victim of a bully. The thought of speaking to a child alone never mind about bullying can be a daunting one. But let the child escape – show them something different. Talk about your bike, your patches, anything! Just start a conversation to show that you are their friend and pass no judgement on them – honestly it will make a difference.

Here are some tips of what not to say:

Bullying makes you tougher.”

Bullying is a rite of passage – something we’ve all dealt with.”

Why didn’t you fight back?”

Man up.” “You should have…”

I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as that”

I/we/____ was bullied way worse than you were.”

It happened years ago. Get over it.”

For Support contact: support@bikesagainstbullies.co.uk

Download this advice sheet here: WaysToHelp