Signs & Symptoms

Signs & Symptoms of Bullying in Children

It can be hard for parents/adults to identify whether or not a child is being bullied. Often victims won’t tell anyone because they may see it as their own fault, that they deserve to be bullied or most commonly they’re scared that it will cause the bullying to get worse

Below are some of the signs that may indicate a child is being bullied, but no one sign indicates bullying for certain.

  • Possessions becoming lost or broken

  • Becoming withdrawn, spending more time alone, loss of confidence

  • Changes in eating habits

  • Changes in sleeping habits

  • Avoiding/worrying about school, becoming ‘ill’ in a morning, headaches/stomach aches

  • Changes in behaviour, becoming aggressive at home, bullying others

  • Drop off in school achievements/standards

  • Wetting the bed

  • Asking/Stealing money/objects

  • Physical injuries, in particular unexplained bruising

There could be other reasons for these signs, for example changes at home such as a separation/divorce, new baby, so try to avoid jumping to any conclusions and ask yourself if there is anything you can think of that may be bothering the child. If you can’t and you suspect bullying is the cause, then its vitally important to try and act as early as you can. Please look at anti bullying advice for information on how to talk to your child, and what to do next. Also contact us at Bikes Against Bullies to see if we can help.

For Support contact:

Download this advice sheet here: signs&symptoms