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Here you will find resources to help take a stand against bullying. You can also find links to out resource sheets via the drop down menu under resources. If you have a resource you wish to share with us, please get in touch!


Unkle Adams amazing & powerful Anti Bullying Video

Unkle Adams – I Am Stronger (Powerful Anti-Bullying Video)

***POWERFUL WORDS*** Every kid in the world needs to see this! This video can be watched without sound thanks to closed captioning.Listen on Spotify:

Posted by Unkle Adams on Saturday, 28 February 2015



This film ‘The Bully’ by 12 year old Jonah Maxwell was created by Jonah and his dad. In the film, the bullies are wearing masks and are faceless to the target. It’s their words that are so painful, not the people necessarily. In the end, the masks come off and the language lightens up and the burdens are lifted. The film shows how life, for the bullied, really could be.

Jonah has a clear message: “We want people to stop bullying and we want people to tell if they are being bullied”.


Anti-Bullying Slogans