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How To Recover From Being Bullied

The idea that you or the one you love may ever heal from being bullied may seem impossible, but trust us you can!

Bullies often choose their victim because their different, such as the colour of their skin, hair, their weight or their beliefs. Often they will choose their victim by determining if they will be willing to fight back. But don’t worry, remember this – YOU ARE THE BETTER PERSON!

Bullies may appear to have friends, but often these are people who are just trying to avoid being bullied themselves. Often bullies have got problems that they don’t tell people about, they may have problems at home or at school. Feeling weak and inadequate, its often because of this, they choose to bully, in an attempt to make themselves feel better. It doesn’t make it right they bully you or your your loved one, but its gotta stink to be a bully!

The first thing you must do is Talk About It! You can choose anyone, your parents, a teacher, even your friends. But make sure at least one person is an adult. Often you can feel like you’ve done something wrong or there is something wrong with you and that’s why you’re being bullied. But you haven’t! And you’re certainly not a weak person! Sadly the fact is, most of us have been bullied at some stage and there is absolutely no shame in it, no matter how bad it makes us feel, and it was certainly never your fault.

One of the first things you can do is write a ‘I am’ list. What’s an ‘I am’ list I hear you ask? Well write down all your best qualities, what’s good about you. For example you may write things such as I am a good friend, I am good at football, I am good at maths etc etc. If your struggling ask your friends, parents or teachers. Once done put the list somewhere safe and easy to get to. Then when your feeling rubbish, go and read it and remind yourself of what a wonderful person you are!

Often being bullied can make you feel angry. This is completely normal. But you must let this anger out. When you feel safe to do so, scream as loudly as you can, hit a pillow, you could even write a letter to the bully. You don’t have to send it to them, just rip it up afterwards, by writing your feelings down it lets that anger out – remember bullies have issues deep inside and you don’t want to become one. Just because you’re being/have been bullied it doesn’t make it right for you to become one – you know what’s it like to be the victim.

Remember bullying is often about power. Yet taking another persons power from them doesn’t make you stronger – it just vanishes from its rightful owner.

Empower yourself – make yourself stronger! Develop hobbies, learn new skills, anything which makes you feel better about yourself. Once you’re ready tell others about your bullying experiences with those that you trust. You may find they were once a victim and YOU CAN HELP OTHERS!

Remember if you’re being bullied Tell Someone Now & Take a Stand – Be Heard – And Stand UpTo Bullying.

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