Day 6  and its the final leg of what will have been an incredible journey for the guys. The pair will have ridden almost a 1000 miles on nothing more than two 50cc scooters.   All to raise awareness of our anti-bullying work and to show young victims and their families we care.

Each year 1.5 million children experience bullying in the UK. A 1/3 of those go on to suffer a form of mental illness as adults, whilst sadly at least 15 young people each year end their lives far too early as a result of being bullied.

This has to stop.  And whilst that on its own is a simple statement, we fully understand that whilst we can work to reduce bullying we will never truly eradicate it. That’s why we much work with stakeholders, families involved on both sides, and educate everyone on the impact bullying can have, empower people with the skills to cope better and where possible overcome bullying, and make the societies we live and work in – better for everyone .