Day4 and the guys leave the North East and head north into Scotland! Remember the Bikes Against Bullies ‘Grand Tour’ is hugely important to us because not only will it raise our anti-bullying message and let young people and families know we care, but it’s primary aim is to raise awareness around the damage bullying can have on young people, and the serious impact it can have. Sadly each year at least 15 children/young people take their own lives due to bullying, because they just can’t see any other option to end their pain and suffering.

Day 4 is dedicated to the memory of Karl Peart. Sadly Karl aged 16 was another young person who sadly took his own life due to being bullied and believing he had no other option. We hope with your support and coverage of the event, we will help those being bullied and help prevent other children from feeling that suicide is their only option to ease their pain. Please support us by joining us on one of the legs, donating via our Just Giving Page, or purchasing our merchandise to help raise funds to support the work we do.

Day 4 Route is from Durham to Allanton. The day as always is broken up into 3 legs and I’m sure were in for a warm welcome from our supporters at the Leadburn Inn and at our final port of call for the day in Allanton. So please join us as and when you can!!!

0830 Chester Le Street Travelodge (DH2 3RJ) – A696 – Jedburgh

1300 Jedburgh CoOp (TD8 6DQ) – A68/A72 – Leadburn Inn
1800 Leadburn Inn (EH46 7BE) – A721 – Allanton