Bikes Against Bullies Weekly Update 19/09/16

1. So I’m pleased to announce that Bikes Against Bullies UK has its first ever committee. Your committee is:

President/Chairman               Christopher Cooper

V.P/Vice Chairman                  Colin Lawrie

Website                                    Mark Hawkins

Press Relations                       Jillian Eastwood

Gerry Carrigan

John Shawcross

Treasurer (non committee) Tracey Cooper

Over the next week or so the committee will be looking at organisational/charity rules and will be putting their recommendation to the group – for a members vote as to which we become.

We will be also working on a Rules/Statement for Bikes Against Bullies, detailing our rules, financial year and so on, again this will need a vote for ratification purposes.

2. This Sunday (25/9/16) we have a support event for a very special boy in the Furness (South Cumbria) area who has Dravet Syndrome. Were going as a group to show our support to him and his family. Gerry Carrigan is doing an amazing sponsored ride, with a total mileage in excess of 300 on just a 125cc Bike. Please show your support by making a donation on the page, following the link to our Just Giving page. If just one FB like can be matched with a £1 donation we raise some serious funds which are to be spit with a Dravet charity chosen by the lads parents. You can also get involved on the day just pm us via our facebook page if your interested in taking part.

3. Lastly September is suicide awareness month. We haven’t forgotten – were just struggling in making contact with family members of those children who have sadly passed, before we share posts. Please share our image we have for our event on the 30th September when were asking everyone to light a candle in your window to raise awareness.

As always if you hear or know anyone who may need our support please direct them or get in touch personally to let us know.

Chris Cooper

Founder Bikes Against Bullies

Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly Update 12/09/2016

What a weekend! Thank you so much to all those who made yesterdays Inaugural Run a huge success. It was truly amazing to see so many people take time out of their busy lives to support Bikes Against Bullies and kick it off with such a bang! Go check out the video and we have loads of photos in the events page, and we’ll add some on here when we get chance.

We raised a staggering £279.82!

You can still give via our website and our donate

If you want support stickers then please let me know!

So what next then?

Well this is the last week for you to show an interest in joining our committee, if you are, please get in touch.

Watch this space, as we may have a support event for a very special young boy coming up.

And as always – if you hear or know anyone who may need our support please ask them or you yourself get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Chris Cooper
Bikes Against Bullies Founder

Bikes Against Bullies Weekly Update 30/08/16

1. So in the last week our brand new website was launched. Huge thank you to Mark Hawkins who not only donated the site but made it look amazing. You can find a shop, event page, etc on there. But for me the most important part is the resources part which contains all our resources that have been created, and hopefully will include a few links and other bits in the coming weeks. If you haven’t yet been and had a look please do!

2. Remember there is an open invite to you all to put your self forward to join Bikes Against Bullies committee. Honestly shouldn’t be that much work involved, so if your interested or want to know more, then please get in touch. Deadline is in just under 3 weeks time.

3. Less than 2 weeks to go until our inaugural ride out! Lets hope the sun is shining! On the website, on the events page are all the details, regarding route maps, starting points etc. In particular their our some simple instructions about taking part for those that havn’t in a large ride out before (Yes I’m hoping for sunshine and therefore good numbers), so please take a look.

4. All children in the UK should be back at school very very soon. So as always if you become aware of anyone who may need our support please let us know or ask them to get in touch!

Chris Cooper

Founder Bikes Against Bullies