Bikes Against Bullies are going on a Grand Tour!

Bikes Against Bullies are going on a Grand Tour!

Bikes Against Bullies are going on a Grand Tour! All the way from Lands End to John O’Groats on nothing more than 50cc scooters on a journey of almost 1000miles!

And its all for one very special reason. Each year at least 15 young people sadly take their own lives due to bullying. So as part of the Bikes Against Bullies suicide awareness week, each day of this incredible journey will be in memory of one of those young victims who felt they had no other option but to end their lives early. Sadly this happened recently to a family close to the heart of one of our reps and just highlights how easily this can occur within our societey. Therefore we hope this will signifficantly raise the profile of our anti-bullying campaign to show young people that there is support and will help us raise lots of money to help recruit some new youth ambassadors as well as helping us to continue to do the work we do in taking a stand againt bullying!

Each day will be split into three seperate rides along the route, so that hopefully as many of you as possible will have the chance to join Bikes Against Bullies president Christopher Cooper and VP Adrian Rigden as they take on this amazing challenge. Over the coming weeks we will get the route and times published, but in the mean time we need your help!

We are currently needing van hire for the support vehicle as well as needing accommodation in the following areas for 3 people on the dates below. Also if you know of a local bike night or biker pub in those areas we would love for them to get involved too, so please get in touch or ask them to via or our facebook page

More details will follow as we continue to put this amazing project together!

Friday 7th July Lands End (or surrounding area)
Sat 8th Weston Super Mare (or surrounding area)
Sun 9th Warrington (or surrounding area)
Mon 10th Newcastle (or surrounding area)
Tues 11th July Stirling (or surrounding area)
Wed 12th July Inverness (or surrounding area)

Bikes Against Bullies Weekly Update 5/9/16

1. So less than a week to our inaugural ride out, hope to see as many of you their as possible! Please come and find me and say hello! One quick note the cafe up at St Mary’s Loch only accepts cash! So not only make sure you have plenty to put in our collections buckets but also you have some for a brew and what not!

2. Why did we choose 11th September for the run? Well September is actually suicide awareness month around the world, and sadly each year a number of children just see no other option to escape bullying other than to take their own lives. Its extremely difficult to gauge true figures, but at least 16 children a year, just in the UK take their own lives. Imagine the pain for their families to be told the news or even find their child.

Now bullying is not just an issues in the UK, its an epidemic issue around the world. So just imagine what the global figures are? In Australia its reported 13 children took their own lives due to bullying, whilst in the USA suicide is the third leading cause of death for 10-14 years olds.

Its because of this, Bikes Against Bullies UK have a number of things planned for September. First of course is the run to St Marys Loch, where for those who want to participate, a few words will be said by Paul Miller of the CMA to remember the victims of bullying.

The second thing will be each week a post will go up reporting the sad story of one victim. These are not only to help up remember the victims, but please put yourselves in the parents shoes or those of a family member such as an uncle or auntie. 43% of children report being bullied, 10% of those reported having suicidal thoughts. Sadly I met father the other day who was clearly struggling as his child had suggested suicide felt like his only escape. What would you do? Where do you go? How do we stop this?

3. Lastly were teaming up with ‘Light Up The Night Ute Show and Muster Two’. Who are an Australian anti-bulling group. On September 30th please join our joint awareness event and light a candle in your window to remember all those children who have sadly taken their own lives in order to escape being bullied. Candles will be lit on this side and theirs of the world as we remember and raise awareness around such tragic events.

As always if you hear of anyone who may need our support, get them to get in touch or you let us know and we will offer our support

Chris Cooper

Founder Bikes Against Bullies



Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly Update 22/08/16

Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly  Update 22/08/16

Hello everyone its that time to update you all once again.

1.This week our facebook posts have reached over 4000 people. That truly is amazing, so thank you to all that have engaged over the last week by liking, commenting and sharing! The numbers we reach and spread the anti-bullying word will only increase as were now using the Twitter and Instagram #Tag – #BikesAgainstBulliesUK. So if your a tweeter or use Instagram and your spreading the anti-bullying word please use!

2. So this week I received a comment about what appeared a lack of anti-bullying messages within the group compared to banter, especially between Scottish and English members. Folks please remember we are currently a two pronged club soon to be three. We have the Bikes Against Bullies – UK page, the Bikes Against Bullies (UK) group and soon we will have our website up and running fully. I think our message is clear across the two, and yes there is banter within the group – but this is because of the friendships forming within the group and remember most are motorcyclists, and there is a hidden brotherhood. Trust me I’m pretty sure we all take the aims of the group serious and I’m fortunate to see the hard-work people are putting in behind the scenes, from working on the website, resource material, the inaugural run etc. Huge thank you to those guys you know who you are!

3. Lastly I wrote about how we were formed and my vision for Bikes Against Bullies UK. Well its time we formed a small committee. Therefore I’m opening up applications so to speak. If your interested just pm me. The deadline will be 18th September. It will be a simple affair and will work via email and facebook chat, so shouldn’t take too much of any ones time up. Anything that involves a major decision about Bikes Against Bullies will go to a full members vote. Any committee votes that are tied will go to a full members vote. So if your interested PM me.

4. Behind the scenes we have offered support to two victims so watch this space, we may need riders for events, and of course if you hear or know anyone that may need our support, either let us know or tell them about Bikes Against Bullies.

Chris Cooper

Bikes Against Bullies UK Founder

Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly Update 15/08/16

Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly Update 15/08/16

So this week I have some amazing news for you:

1. Bikes Against Bullies UK are getting their own website thanks to the amazing generosity of Mark Hawkins. This means we will be able to reach an even wider audience and get our message out there. So watch this space and I will update when its live!

2. Bikes Against Bullies UK are working alongside the Four Groves Community Association to hold an anti-bullying forum within the town of Barrow In Furness – Cumbria. This without doubt is a huge step for us! Both myself and John Shawcross will be representing Bikes Against Bullies at the forum in September and we will report back on the meeting and what comes from it.

3. Less than 4 weeks now until our inaugural ride out!

4. If you have kids who are getting ready to go back to school, get them to watch the video by Unkle Adam that’s been posted. The message delivery is fantastically strong.

5. Finally I wanted to tell you all briefly how Bikes Against Bullies – UK came about and what the vision is for the future – I hope. My two youngest children ages 11 & 9 in their schools words ‘physically & verbally intimidated’ for 12 months, this included the breaking of my 9 year olds’ sons arm.. There were regular incidences both inside and outside school. The school failed to adhere to their own bullying polices, whilst the police said they weren’t interested and had far more important things to do. During this time one of the main relief’s for my children came from attending motorcycle events – after all we all know what a friendly bunch we are! Earlier this year my story hit the national media and with that, we became inundated with messages of support, but also sadly, messages of similar experiences – involving the extent of bullying, the negative outcomes for its victims and their families, and also the lack of police and educational institutions to deal with bullying. From this I though enough is enough and so Bikes Against Bullies UK was founded! The aim is a simple one: create awareness surrounding bullying and offer support to victims and their families.

I believe we can achieve this in a number of ways. Firstly by providing resources such as the information sheets we publish. Secondly by our annual ride out and the public and media attention it creates. Thirdly – victim support rides to or from school – these show the victim that they have huge support whilst also shining a spot light on those who could do more. And then lastly I eventually want us to become proactive and establish an anti-bullying ambassador for each county who will go in to schools alongside members to get the anti-bullying message over. Of course much of this is a long way off and not only do we need to grow, but also we need to develop, This includes becoming a ‘constituted group’ and then hopefully a registered charity. I’m sure we can do it – you only have to look at the support from you guys already.

If you want to know more or get more involved get in touch!

Chris Cooper
Bikes Against Bullies UK Founder