Bikes Against Bullies Weekly Update 5/9/16

1. So less than a week to our inaugural ride out, hope to see as many of you their as possible! Please come and find me and say hello! One quick note the cafe up at St Mary’s Loch only accepts cash! So not only make sure you have plenty to put in our collections buckets but also you have some for a brew and what not!

2. Why did we choose 11th September for the run? Well September is actually suicide awareness month around the world, and sadly each year a number of children just see no other option to escape bullying other than to take their own lives. Its extremely difficult to gauge true figures, but at least 16 children a year, just in the UK take their own lives. Imagine the pain for their families to be told the news or even find their child.

Now bullying is not just an issues in the UK, its an epidemic issue around the world. So just imagine what the global figures are? In Australia its reported 13 children took their own lives due to bullying, whilst in the USA suicide is the third leading cause of death for 10-14 years olds.

Its because of this, Bikes Against Bullies UK have a number of things planned for September. First of course is the run to St Marys Loch, where for those who want to participate, a few words will be said by Paul Miller of the CMA to remember the victims of bullying.

The second thing will be each week a post will go up reporting the sad story of one victim. These are not only to help up remember the victims, but please put yourselves in the parents shoes or those of a family member such as an uncle or auntie. 43% of children report being bullied, 10% of those reported having suicidal thoughts. Sadly I met father the other day who was clearly struggling as his child had suggested suicide felt like his only escape. What would you do? Where do you go? How do we stop this?

3. Lastly were teaming up with ‘Light Up The Night Ute Show and Muster Two’. Who are an Australian anti-bulling group. On September 30th please join our joint awareness event and light a candle in your window to remember all those children who have sadly taken their own lives in order to escape being bullied. Candles will be lit on this side and theirs of the world as we remember and raise awareness around such tragic events.

As always if you hear of anyone who may need our support, get them to get in touch or you let us know and we will offer our support

Chris Cooper

Founder Bikes Against Bullies