Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly  Update 22/08/16

Hello everyone its that time to update you all once again.

1.This week our facebook posts have reached over 4000 people. That truly is amazing, so thank you to all that have engaged over the last week by liking, commenting and sharing! The numbers we reach and spread the anti-bullying word will only increase as were now using the Twitter and Instagram #Tag – #BikesAgainstBulliesUK. So if your a tweeter or use Instagram and your spreading the anti-bullying word please use!

2. So this week I received a comment about what appeared a lack of anti-bullying messages within the group compared to banter, especially between Scottish and English members. Folks please remember we are currently a two pronged club soon to be three. We have the Bikes Against Bullies – UK page, the Bikes Against Bullies (UK) group and soon we will have our website up and running fully. I think our message is clear across the two, and yes there is banter within the group – but this is because of the friendships forming within the group and remember most are motorcyclists, and there is a hidden brotherhood. Trust me I’m pretty sure we all take the aims of the group serious and I’m fortunate to see the hard-work people are putting in behind the scenes, from working on the website, resource material, the inaugural run etc. Huge thank you to those guys you know who you are!

3. Lastly I wrote about how we were formed and my vision for Bikes Against Bullies UK. Well its time we formed a small committee. Therefore I’m opening up applications so to speak. If your interested just pm me. The deadline will be 18th September. It will be a simple affair and will work via email and facebook chat, so shouldn’t take too much of any ones time up. Anything that involves a major decision about Bikes Against Bullies will go to a full members vote. Any committee votes that are tied will go to a full members vote. So if your interested PM me.

4. Behind the scenes we have offered support to two victims so watch this space, we may need riders for events, and of course if you hear or know anyone that may need our support, either let us know or tell them about Bikes Against Bullies.

Chris Cooper

Bikes Against Bullies UK Founder