So this week I have some amazing news for you:

1. Bikes Against Bullies UK are getting their own website thanks to the amazing generosity of Mark Hawkins. This means we will be able to reach an even wider audience and get our message out there. So watch this space and I will update when its live!

2. Bikes Against Bullies UK are working alongside the Four Groves Community Association to hold an anti-bullying forum within the town of Barrow In Furness – Cumbria. This without doubt is a huge step for us! Both myself and John Shawcross will be representing Bikes Against Bullies at the forum in September and we will report back on the meeting and what comes from it.

3. Less than 4 weeks now until our inaugural ride out!

4. If you have kids who are getting ready to go back to school, get them to watch the video by Unkle Adam that’s been posted. The message delivery is fantastically strong.

5. Finally I wanted to tell you all briefly how Bikes Against Bullies – UK came about and what the vision is for the future – I hope. My two youngest children ages 11 & 9 in their schools words ‘physically & verbally intimidated’ for 12 months, this included the breaking of my 9 year olds’ sons arm.. There were regular incidences both inside and outside school. The school failed to adhere to their own bullying polices, whilst the police said they weren’t interested and had far more important things to do. During this time one of the main relief’s for my children came from attending motorcycle events – after all we all know what a friendly bunch we are! Earlier this year my story hit the national media and with that, we became inundated with messages of support, but also sadly, messages of similar experiences – involving the extent of bullying, the negative outcomes for its victims and their families, and also the lack of police and educational institutions to deal with bullying. From this I though enough is enough and so Bikes Against Bullies UK was founded! The aim is a simple one: create awareness surrounding bullying and offer support to victims and their families.

I believe we can achieve this in a number of ways. Firstly by providing resources such as the information sheets we publish. Secondly by our annual ride out and the public and media attention it creates. Thirdly – victim support rides to or from school – these show the victim that they have huge support whilst also shining a spot light on those who could do more. And then lastly I eventually want us to become proactive and establish an anti-bullying ambassador for each county who will go in to schools alongside members to get the anti-bullying message over. Of course much of this is a long way off and not only do we need to grow, but also we need to develop, This includes becoming a ‘constituted group’ and then hopefully a registered charity. I’m sure we can do it – you only have to look at the support from you guys already.

If you want to know more or get more involved get in touch!

Chris Cooper
Bikes Against Bullies UK Founder