Bikes Against Bullies UK is a group set up for bikers, but not limited to them. Anyone can get involved! The aim is to create awareness surrounding bullying and offer support to victims and their families. Our children deserve to be safe, and to be empowered and to live their lives without fear.

If you or your child is a victim of bullying and you would like our support, please get in touch.

This website runs in connection with our Facebook Page and also our Facebook group. Please use the link to our Facebook Page and hit the like button. For Twitter and Instagram users its: #BikesAgainstBulliesUK

Bikes Against Bullies and Amy on ITV This Morning

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Bikes Against Bullies are going on a Grand Tour!

Bikes Against Bullies are going on a Grand Tour! All the way from Lands End to John O'Groats on nothing more than 50cc scooters on a journey of almost 1000miles! And its all for one very special reason. Each year at least 15 young people sadly take their own lives due...

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Bikes Against Bullies Weekly Update 19/09/16

1. So I'm pleased to announce that Bikes Against Bullies UK has its first ever committee. Your committee is: President/Chairman               Christopher Cooper V.P/Vice Chairman                  Colin Lawrie Website                                    Mark Hawkins...

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Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly Update 12/09/2016

What a weekend! Thank you so much to all those who made yesterdays Inaugural Run a huge success. It was truly amazing to see so many people take time out of their busy lives to support Bikes Against Bullies and kick it off with such a bang! Go check out the video and...

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Bikes Against Bullies Weekly Update 5/9/16

1. So less than a week to our inaugural ride out, hope to see as many of you their as possible! Please come and find me and say hello! One quick note the cafe up at St Mary's Loch only accepts cash! So not only make sure you have plenty to put in our collections...

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Bikes Against Bullies Weekly Update 30/08/16

1. So in the last week our brand new website was launched. Huge thank you to Mark Hawkins who not only donated the site but made it look amazing. You can find a shop, event page, etc on there. But for me the most important part is the...

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Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly Update 22/08/16

Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly  Update 22/08/16 Hello everyone its that time to update you all once again. 1.This week our facebook posts have reached over 4000 people. That truly is amazing, so thank you to all that have engaged over the last week by liking,...

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Bikes Against Bullies UK Weekly Update 15/08/16

So this week I have some amazing news for you: 1. Bikes Against Bullies UK are getting their own website thanks to the amazing generosity of Mark Hawkins. This means we will be able to reach an even wider audience and get our message out there. So watch this space and...

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